About Terry Graves

Terry Graves is a pen name for Victor Selles, a Spanish fiction author currently living in the UK. He has served coffee for a living and cleaned and prepared dinosaur fossil bones just for fun.

Also, he writes in the third person because he does not have enough money to pay for a proper biographer.

Under his name, he has published a dozen short stories in different anthologies and magazines, together with writers such as Mike Resnick, Caroline M. Yoachim, Aliette de Bodard and Lavie Tidhar. He has translated Lucy Clifford’s The new mother into Spanish, has written the script for two short films and has won a couple of literary contests. Some of his work has been proudly rejected by both Granta and 2000 AD magazine.

Being mostly a writer of Slipstream and New Weird fiction, the “Terry Graves” pseudonym is his way to play with a more straightforward approach to the Fantasy genre and with the possibilities of self-publishing and Shakespeare’s language.